Hillary Clinton appears to be one of the most un-compassionate people in the world. She seems to care not an iota about those whose lives her actions have affected, outside of her Clinton clan.

It takes someone with sociopathic tendencies, it would seem, to look someone in the eye and speak without emotion when it comes to their pain. A sociopath’s interests are only in themselves.

She reflects this in her banshee-like screeching when on the podium stumping for herself and her visions for her America.

Clinton has either looked outright bored when addressing Benghazi, eyes-rolling annoyed, or has had the unmitigated gall to laugh. Who laughs over something like this?

She has called people liars. She has ignored their heartbreak in only a way Hillary Clinton can.

Kate Quigley lost her brother in Benghazi. His name is one we should etch into our memories—Glen Doherty. Mr. Doherty was a former SEAL and part of the CIA team in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

He, like the men in 13 Hours, took it upon themselves to render aid to Ambassador Stevens and everyone else being slaughtered at our embassy. He chartered his own plane because Clinton couldn’t be bothered.

Clinton wasted no time in showing her true couldn’t-care-less colors. Over his dead body, that lay in a casket, attended to by Ms. Quigley and family, Clinton told them, to feel sorry for the Libyan people. According to Ms. Quigley;

“We should feel sad for the Libyan people because they are uneducated that breeds fear and that breeds violence which ultimately lead to the protest that took my brother’s life.”

Rather than express regret, rather than express sincere condolence, rather than console the family as Doherty’s casket arrived, Hillary Clinton went for her version of a Jedi proverb, vis-à-vis channeling Yoda.

Hillary Clinton is a prize. The woman does not deserve to be emptying the trash cans of the Doherty family, or anybody else who died that night.

She certainly does not deserve the honor of the presidency.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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