Despite what President Barack Obama and other prominent black leaders and politicians would have you believe, not all black leaders agree with the direction that the Obama administration is taking.

A group of black pastors and preachers has come together to stand up against the left's abuse of Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he came to speak to the House of Representatives earlier this year.

Perhaps the greatest thing that the pastors found fault with was the fact that a group named the Congressional Black Caucus, which represents black Americans in Congress, voiced their opinions as representing all of black Americans in politics--when the truth is far from that.

Thankfully these pastors are now coming forward to voice their disagreements and show support for Netanyahu and Israel. As one pastor said, "Israel knows and understands Iran better than the rest of the world."

These pastors also weren't afraid to call the left and Obama's bluff that inviting Netanyahu to speak before the United States's Congress was a breach of "protocol." They said that the call of a breach of protocol was simply a "very red herring."

It's great to see pastors and preachers, people who deal with the public and have a valued role in society, standing up for their beliefs and not letting the Obama administration pull them into the wrong side of a debate.

While the Obama administration and other groups, such as the Congressional Black Caucus, want to completely change the debate and show a unified, racial front, that's just not the case. People have different viewpoints no matter the color of their skin. That's something that Obama has yet to understand and it's not only disturbing to see the effects of his misunderstanding but it's dangerous.

If people start to associate race with a political viewpoint the beauty that is free speech and thought in America will begin to decay. It's great to see these pastors standing for what they believe.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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