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“Soldiers shouldn’t have to do that. We should be taking care of our military much better than we are.”

What was that soldier doing? He was trying to buy baby food and diapers at the La Fiesta supermarket in San Antonio Texas. He came up short. His credit card was declined and he did not have the cash to cover the order.

The statement above was made by a generous woman, Linda, who covered his tab and then offered the services of her food pantry.

This was a set-up as part of the “What would you do?” program hosted by John Quiñones.

Onward the social-experiment went. Americans, proving we are good people, stepped up to cover the tab. They offered their gratitude for his service, and encouraging words.

One of the kindest acts was "Betty Allen," who is “scrapping herself” to get by. She has had to put groceries back herself when it exceeds her funds.

She spared what she had, because, “I have the love of God in me. God is good. He’ll make up the difference,” in referring to tough situations.

“Angel,” also in a hard spot, offered up some money from his scrap-metal sales that were to buy his own groceries. In another demonstration, “Cecilia” paid the entire tab.

She is married to a vet and has other vets in her family; “Go for it,” she said. And directed the cashier (an actress) to swipe her credit card.

God bless the people of San Antonio, Texas. God bless America. Keep taking care of our soldiers. They deserve the utmost of our gratitude in any form necessary.




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