Former Roanoke, Virginia, WDBJ-TV reporter, Bryce Williams (aka Vester Lee Flanagan), shot and killed his co-workers this morning. Alison Parker, and her cameraman, Adam Ward, were executed at gun-point, and the interviewee was wounded, on live television. As Ward collapsed to the ground, his camera continued to capture footage of Flanagan, gun raised, looking every bit of lethally crazed as you can imagine. Flanagan took his own life after leading police on a chase, and after having taken the time to send out a few social media posts; “I filmed the shooting.” He did! He even took a couple of runs at it and adjusted the angle of the camera.

He thought his co-workers deserved it because they were white and he had some grievances, and because he thought Jehovah told him to. He left a 23-page manifesto behind, which points to the Roof shootings on June 17th and how he went out and bought himself a weapon on June 19th. When you have someone as mentally unstable as Flanagan, who happens to be black and homosexual, you are undoubtedly dealing with someone easily influenced because of their psychosis.

His ultimate goal was to start a race war;

"As for Dylann Roof?
You (***)! You want a race war (***)?

This is the result of the incessant drum-beat of racism vomited out upon all of society by President Obama, and his race-baiter buddies like Sharpton, Holder, the complicit media, and Farrakhan who is running around the country calling for the death of white people. They are all heralding the call of an all-out race war.

Add to this the nonsensical din that everyone not gay is a homophobe, and with someone like Flanagan, you have a trifecta of psychotic disaster. The only difference between Flanagan and Roof was pigmentation and sexual orientation.

The media will be sure to take their time with this. If it isn’t a white person killing a black person, they will look for every excuse under the sun other than what it is; racism. Likewise, if it isn’t the homosexual crowd getting discriminated against, they don’t want hear it, or report it. Yet here they have it all; a psychotic homosexual black racist bent on igniting a war.

So, where is our President on this one? This type of gun violence breaks his heart. He took the time to remind us about how we need tougher gun control and his disappointment with Congress.

Already, the administration is circling the wagons and re-directing the story away from what it is…their very own race war.

Video that shows the attack happen on live tv:

h/t: ABC

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