“…any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning.”

That is some serious racism going on in that statement.

Wonder who said that? Al Sharpton, perhaps? No. How about that other race war ginner-upper Barack Obama? Bingo.

That was the insightful takeaway from a conversation our president had as a young man while in the tutelage of racists and communists like Frank Marshall Davis.

Hmmm. Given that Obama is only half-black, he must be a pretty conflicted fella. If he sees no negligible meaning as to good and bad whites, where does that leave him? When he does something stupid, does he blame his white-half?

Obama goes on, in this 1995 video clip, about how black people who become aware of some manufactured “powerless” existence,  are considered “paranoid,” or “militant,” or “violent,” or are referred to as the n-word. 

Again, what does our bi-racial president do with all of this self-inflicted woe? Does his white-half name-call his black-half? Does his black-half rage against his white-half?

What useless drivel!

The bigger point being that our racist president did have a very special big-brother type of mentorship at the feet of the communist poet, Frank Marshall Davis. While decades may separate the two now, and while Obama has gone out of his way to avoid naming Mr. Davis, referring to him as Frank, and eventually not at all, it is important to remember the truth is always set free.

Such is the case with President Obama and the illumination into his racist up-bringing.  

Obama idolized Davis, pinko that he was. Frank Marshall Davis was a communist with dossier on him akin to some of the bills our legislators pass; 600 pages long. The FBI kept a watchful eye on him.

Once again, the world has proof that our president is not the saint he portrays himself to be. He is friend to ne’erdowells, the blacklivesmatter movement, the anti-cop movement, the pro-Islam movement, the anti-white movement.

He is all these things, and while he may be the president, he is far from presidential.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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