One reporter infiltrated the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia wearing a hidden camera and decide to approach a few democratic delegates to expose their true agenda regarding gun control. What is said in the video is rather disgusting but not surprising in the least. What it really does is reveal the true goal of Democrats when it comes to the long run gun control debate, and Republicans have been saying it for years.

Since the video's release it has gone absolutely viral, and for good reason. The video provides hard evidence of one of the top Democratic member of the Democratic Party's base saying out loud what Republicans have been saying for years. Over the past several years Democrats have been chiseling away at our constitutional rights by eroding the Second Amendment with more and more gun laws that they seem to keep passing wether or not the courts and law allow them to or not.

Their main arguments stem from the 'protection' of our children as well as these so-called 'common sense' gun laws that just must be passed. They have used this reasoning strategically to make it very difficult for any opposition to argue against these points without looking heartless or ignorant.

Their slimy strategy has proved to be somewhat successful so far as a result of their aggressive tactics towards any law-abiding American that owns a gun and wants to protect their own Second Amendment from being taken away from them.

They keep up the guise and faced claiming that "No one is trying to take away anyone's guns," while doing exactly that. They accuse anyone who calls them out as being a lunatic and a conspiracy theorist. They use this as a defense mechanism so that people become distracted from the real events taking place.

It is very hard to have a dialogue and make a logical argument when every liberal refuses to acknowledge your points and dismisses you as some sort of 'gun-nut.'

However, we are not blind to the incremental movements that the left continues to make as they advance their anti-gun agenda ever so slowly but ever so persistently, as they take away one type of firearm after another, one type of ammo after the next.

This video shows that this suffocation of our Second Amendment is no accident. They end game is exactly what we thought all along. They want to eventually completely ban the private ownership of firearms and do away with our Second Amendment once and for all.

The reporter posed as a fellow Democrat when speaking to Democrat delegate Mary Bayer about their 'shared' goal of more gun control.

Bayer admitted on camera that the end game of more gun legislation has always been to completely ban the private ownership of all civilian firearms. Furthermore, she admitted that the Democratic Party has been intentionally lying to the American public in order to conceal their true intentions.

Bayer even admitted that not only is Hillary aware of this slippery tactic being employed by the left, she is fully on board and an avid advocate of the ploy. Thanks to undercover reporter James O'Keefe now the whole confession is recorded and out on the internet for the world to see.

"Saying that you want to ban guns altogether, that's going to piss everybody off. You have to take that sort of moderate... 'We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!' You say Sh*t like that, and then people will buy into it," Bayer said in the undercover video.

You can clearly see that Bayer and many other Democrats like her that share the same view also view us gun owners as complete morons, ignorant to their sinister plan.

It's time now before it's too late that we get this video out there and expose the hard evidence that proves the lefts snaky plan to take each and every gun away from American citizens.

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Source: Mad World News


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