The entire nation has been wondering how sickly Hillary Clinton really is. Rumors have been floating around saying that Hillary is too sick to stand, can hardly get through a speech, and has been having some of the 'worst cough attacks ever.' Now these rumors and suspicions have only been given more validity after what just happened at the 9/11 ceremony earlier this Sunday.

Hillary reportedly collapsed and had to be dragged out to her car before she was planning on making her exit. Hillary's doctor and campaign handlers initially stated that it was due to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Now it would appear that her health has actually failed her much more severely than initial reports indicated. Clinton has apparently been diagnosed with pneumonia this past Friday and has been medicated heavily since then by her doctor.

Her doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, said in a statement that Hillary "was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule."

After the theatrical incident on Sunday the press leaned heavily on the Clinton Campaign demanding why there had been no announcement about Hillary's sickly condition.

Hillary's campaign managers have refused to comment. They are clearly hiding the severity of her sickness and the detrimental impacts that it would have on her ability to effectively lead.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been trying to disarm Trump and the rest of the Republicans very real accusations that her health is failing her in a big way. Just this past week Hillary called their concerns a "whacky strategy" while on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

This video shows her clearly stumbling and then being assisted by secret service to get into her motorcade at the Ground Zero memorial.

First she has been seen not being able to make it through a speech on her own now she can't even walk without the help of the rest of the Clinton camp. She even needed a secret earpiece so that she could funnel lies to the public fed to her by her offsite minions. What can this woman do for herself and how much worse is her health and ability to lead going to get?

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Source: CNN


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