With as a much insanity as the left and Hillary have directly supported and even paid for, it's no wonder that some psychopath tried to take Trump down and go down with him. It would seem that everyone of Hillary's previous attempts have failed so Hillary is saving her best attacks for last.

Project Veritas recently exposed to the nation that Hillary Clinton and her allies actually paid many protestors at Trump rallies to incite violence and attack Trump supporters. There are many videos and accounts of anti-Trump protestors starting riots and trying to create massive distractions to take away from Trump.

However, this is not nearly as bad as what is suspected of taking place last night. Many are suspecting that the incident, in which the Secret Service had to take down one of Hillary old shills, was actually a failed assassination attempt.

So, Hillary is actually creating jobs, they're just jobs built on corruption and violence. It would appear that this is precisely the case with the recent case in Reno. This is probably why the mainstream media has stayed so quiet on this matter.

The Secret Service had to take down a Austyn Crites from the crowd, who is definitely no newcomer to the scene.

Just after the attack Crites chose to change his Facebook profile since he was wearing the exact same clothing in his profile picture as he was when he was taken down by the Secret Service. Crites claims to be a Republican for Hillary but he has been seen multiple times early on creating issues for Trump in places like Kissimmee, Florida, as reported by MicroTurkeyLeaks.

In that scenario Crites was identified as somebody on Hillary's payroll, paid to cause emotion and physical violence, also known as "birddogging," says Gateway Pundit.

To make matters even worse for Hillary, Crites' plan had already been exposed via WikiLeaks from a global intelligence agency known as "Stratfor."

Gateway Pundit late compiled a list of the many damning facts that have come out about Crites that Hillary is now going to have to deal with:

** Crites very possibly harassed Trump at a prior rally
** His Facebook page was recently set up
** Crites carried a sign denigrating Trump
** Crites incited violence and emotional abuse
** Crites is mentioned in Wikileaks
** Crites is a Hillary supporter

This is the type of corruption and lies that Hillary voters are voting for. There are only a few more days left before election day and those still undecided need to realize that a vote for Hillary is a vote for 4 more years of lies, deceit, corruption, and even worse things, yet to come.

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Source: Mad World News

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