Many Republicans have been calling for Hillary's prosecution lately following her lucky break that came from the FBI's decision to not indict Hillary for her mishandling of classified information. However, we're not the only ones calling for the Democratic presumptive nominee to be prosecuted. There is in fact another presidential candidate that would also like to see Hillary behind bars, and it's not who you would think.

Presumptive Green Party nominee Jill Stein demanded that Hillary be prosecuted for her crimes in a statement that she gave on Wednesday.

Yep, the party way further to the left than the Democrats are actually agreeing with the Republicans on this issue. That's how much this woman deserves to go to jail, enough for the Green and Republican parties completely agree on this woman's guilt.

Stein said that she thought the FBI was letting Hillary off for something as disgustingly obvious as her extreme misconduct.

She actually stated that the FBI was "giving Clinton a pass."

She went on to say that "All the elements necessary to prove a felony violation were found by the FBI investigation."

Thank God the entire country actually sees this red, blue, green, we all know how guilty this woman.

"Her staff has said Secretary Clinton stated she used her private email system because she did not want her personal emails to become accessible under (Freedom of Information) laws. This is damning on two counts — that she intended to disregard the protection of security information, and that she had personal business to conceal."

It's refreshing to see even some of the most liberal people in our country are able to see just how much Hillary deserves to be behind bars. This is not a Republican problem this is an issue that our entire nation faces and if we keep hearing the same thing from everyone, liberal and conservative, then she will finely be put in the cage where she belongs.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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