Hillary Clinton's denial that she and State Department officials provided weapons to guerrilla fighters in Libya is finally coming crashing down around her as the lie that many presumed it was.

For those who don't remember, some time after the 2012 Benghazi attack on American personnel in Libya, Hillary Clinton testified before a Senate committee about the role of the State Department in the 2012 attacks--specifically if the United States had been supplying weapons to militants which were then used in the attack.

Hillary claimed that she "didn't know" anything about any arms shipments between the United States and military guerrillas in the area. "I don't have any information on that" she said.

However, new photo and video evidence is making a strong case for Hillary's involvement in her "secret war" and the disastrous consequences of her work.


According to some pundits, persons who sold American weapons were urged by Hillary's State Department to sell guns to third-party individuals who then traded and sold them to militants in Libya, those same militants who overran the U.S. compound and murdered American citizens.

Unfortunately that's not the only account of United States officials requesting arms dealers to make after market trades. According to the New York Times, the same process was followed to arm rebels in Syria in 2013.


When will American officials learn that sending weapons and military equipment anywhere will usually result in that same equipment being used to fight against America?

It seems obvious to us, but maybe the people in charge of the State Department can't understand a basic truth--people will lie to get things that they want. In the case of guns and ammunition, bread and butter for insurgents and rebels in the Middle East, it seems that lying is no problem for them.

The fault, then, lies with our administration officials who believe the lies. Let's stop helping liars and people who want to murder Americans and help protect ourselves. No more "secret wars."

h/t: WND


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