What does it finally take for sanctuary cities that harbor and protect illegal criminal aliens and a “do nothing” federal government to finally wake up and do what they’ve been elected to do?

Protect its citizens against those that commit heinous crimes, such as the senseless murder of Kathryn Steinle, who was simply strolling with her dad on the tourist-friendly Embarcadero, and was gunned down by someone who should have never walked on the same path as Kathryn, an Illegal criminal alien, who shot Kathryn with a gun belonging to a federal agent…yes I wrote it correctly a “federal agent”.

We may as well be in a shooting gallery with weapons provided by the fed’s against innocent unarmed citizens… it simply doesn’t get any sicker then this trifecta!

This new revelation of a federal agent’s gun being used in the crime simply reaffirms how far we’ve sunk as a nation. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez said he had found the weapon wrapped in a T-shirt on the ground near a bench, and that it had “accidentally” fired when he touched it.

Of course the political hacks are now running for the hills, stumbling all over themselves, pointing fingers and blaming one another.

Obviously this senseless tragedy should have never happened in the first place, if those that have taken an oath actually did their duties rather than allowing politics and a skewed ideology to dictate their actions.

And although Sanchez admitted to actually pulling the trigger, in truth the City of San Francisco, along with ICE, and this administration are willing accomplices to the crime, it’s their combined policies that caused this tragedy, there would be no murder and Kathryn would be alive today, if these worthless cowardly bureaucrats simply enforced immigration law as currently written.

Steinle had recently moved to San Francisco for a job from the East Bay suburb of Pleasanton. Her father “was just taking her out to dinner” when she was struck by a bullet in the back, her uncle said.




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