In March 1985, Bill Clinton was serving his third term as governor of Arkansas. He was just 38 and well on track with his plan to become president of the United States.

He and his wife of ten years, Hillary Rodham, an attorney representing banks, are heavily invested in various speculative and land deals in the state.

They live in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion with their five-years-old daughter, Chelsea.

Gov. Clinton is popular, despite rampant rumors of drug use and extramarital affairs, and his younger half-brother conviction of cocaine possession was making the news.

On the other side of the tracks, Bobbie Ann Williams, a young black prostitute was pregnant – and believed the governor, with whom she had been having sexual relations, was the father, and although he would, according to Williams, laugh off the possibility when she told him,

The child was born on December 7, 1985 and within seven years, Bill Clinton was a resident of Washington D.C. – the newly elected president of the United States – the most powerful man in the world.

Bobbie’s two sisters helped her raise her son, who grew up being told that President Clinton was his father, and with time, the uncanny resemblance lent credibility to the claim.

Danney Williams surfaced now and again on the cover of the National Enquirer, his facial features startling like Clinton’s, but now, with Hillary Clinton possibly less than a week away from becoming the first woman president, Williams wants to set the matter straight – once and for all.

Clinton apologists have long circulated the false information that the results of a 1990s-era DNA test ruled out Clinton’s paternity and with zero chance of the former president voluntarily submitting a sample for testing, Danney is reaching out to the only person in the world who can help him finally learn the truth.

Williams has penned a letter to none other than Bill Clinton’s most infamous lover – and his wife, Hillary’s, biggest nemesis, Monica Lewinsky.

Lewinsky, whose Oval Office trysts with Clinton led to his impeachment for perjury in 1998, has retained the blue dress she was wearing during an encounter with the president, which was found to have his DNA on it and Williams is asking her to provide the dress to obtain a sample for a paternity test.

Lewinsky has not commented on the request, but it is certain Hillary has had plenty to say about it.

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