Can you imagine being the hostage of a convenience store robber with a gun pointed to your head? You can see the thin blue line and the mad man, who has you trapped as you are the latter’s pawn, in a standoff.

Such was the case at Cash Store in Irving, Texas. A thug robbed a convenience store and took a female employee hostage. He dragged her outside to demonstrate to law enforcement that he meant business. If his goal meant blowing her brains out so be it.

Not only was the Cretan threatening her life by holding a gun to her head, he intended to take her with him. Since the law enforcement was not about to let that happen, there was only one alternative.

With the precision one would expect of law enforcement, the thug was dropped. Killed. The woman was freed.

“The two officers were here quickly, within minute and were able to engage the suspect,” according to police department spokesman, James McClellan.

“They couldn’t let him leave with the hostage. By all appearances, this was the last resort for them.”

The officers are on administrative leave while the mandatory investigation into the shooting takes place.

The video, shot by an eyewitness, should make the investigation a slam-dunk and these two heroes should be back on the streets of Irving soon.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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