The past few days have all been centered around Hillary and the rest of the liberals using the infamous Trump video, where he spoke in a crass matter about women. Hillary has been thinking that she had the election in the bag after that audio recording was released, but it was clear that she was a little too cocky as could be seen in the second debate.

She got demolished by Trump who was more than prepared to put up a fight and expose the true monster that she really is. Unfortunately for her, it only seems to get worse from here, way worse. What she was just caught saying about Muslims in one of the emails released by WikiLeaks could stop her dead in her tracks.

This one word that she used to describe Muslims may be the worst thing we've seen in the entire campaign. It is apparent Hillary doesn't need any help making a complete fool of herself, in fact, she seems to have made some sort of agreement with the mainstream media to advance her liberal agenda and try to rig the debates.

However WikiLeaks is seeing right through the lies and has fought to bring us the truth about the true monster that Hillary is, especially after exposing what she says about people when she thinks that nobody is listening.

We've already seen her and the rest of the DNC colluding against Bernie earlier on during the primaries but that type of corruption is nothing compared to the vile comment that she made about Muslims is this email.

Hillary thought that nobody was reading her emails but at this point she should know better than to continue to put things that she doesn't want our enemies or the public to find out in her emails. Now the email is out there for everyone to see just how nasty she really is.

As you can clearly see in the pictures posted to Twitter, Hillary used the term "sand n*ggers" to refer to Muslims, according the Mad World News.

Now after seeing the absolute hell that Hillary and the rest of her attack dogs put Trump through for his "locker room talk" video, one can only imagine the backlash that Hillary will receive if the mainstream media catches on and actually tries reporting the facts.

Hillary would be sure to lose any of her Muslim voter base after such racist comments as these. It's hard to spin any narrative that Trump is more racist or 'hates' Muslims if Hillary really did use this incredibly derogatory term.

You might be able to guess that this would have a negative effect on the black voter base, as well as any respectable human being that is not some sort of vile racist.

Some are saying that the email actually stated what somebody else said, but even if this is the case, Hillary forwarding an email that contains such despicable language without using any sort of censorship is disgusting enough on its own.

A presidential candidate should have the judgement to use censorship when such caustic language is involved as we have. It's going to be tough for her to talk her way out of this one, especially to her good friends over at the designated terrorist group CAIR and her Muslim chief advisor Huma Abedin, not to mention the rest of middle ground Americans.

In the best case scenario, this represents a woman with no consideration for the 'words' (which is exactly what she has coming after Trump about) and their disgusting implications. In the worst case scenario this represents Hillary Clinton showing her true colors and just what a disgusting racist bigot she really is when nobody is looking.

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Source: Mad World News


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