Good Lord! Will this madness of this presidential election cycle ever end? Oh, it will, and when it comes to the GOP it won’t be a pretty sight.

With Ted Cruz’s win last night in Wisconsin it is all but guaranteed to end in a contested, open, or brokered convention. Pick an adjective, because it all means the same thing.

The loss of Wisconsin makes it all the more difficult for Trump to outright secure the nod for the Republican ticket. As such, if he doesn’t get the required delegate count of 1,237 he is not going to be the automatic nominee.

Let’s face it—the establishment does not like Trump. BUT, here’s the deal—they don’t like Cruz either. So what’s a body of corrupt of politicians and “architects of failure” to do?

Finagle a way to stop both candidates and put who they want on the ticket. Screw the American people! Steal votes! Oh, the tangled web they weave, and like vote-stealing Democrats they plan to thieve.

Whether you support Trump or Cruz, you ought to be infuriated. The only time the delegate has to support the candidate of peoples’ choice is round one of convention voting.

After that, all bets are off. As such, there is the outside chance that you will see GOP darling, “Lemme tell ya’ a story ‘bout a man named” Jeb Bush on the presidential ticket. Or Rubio, or even John Kasich on the ticket. That is, if they don’t get, “I don’t wanna be Speaker” Paul Ryan.

This corruption is downright disgusting. We are having to come to grips with the notion of having to pull the lever for someone we don’t want. In doing so, the GOP is setting us up for failure. Again.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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