What happened in a Connecticut courtroom this past week was completely bewildering, not to mention disturbing. For whatever reason, the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (2012), brought a lawsuit against Remington Arms Company, the manufacturer of the Bushmaster AR-15.

The rifle had been the murder weapon of choice by nutcase Adam Lanza. The case should have been dismissed on the grounds of it being illegal, courtesy of a 2005 federal law that does not allow for such things.

The ego-maniacal judge ruling the pre-trial proceedings did not dismiss the case, but “ruled,” in defiance of law, that it could go forward.

What kind of world are we living in?  Even if you are an anti-Second Amendment moron, you have to see the nightmarish handwriting on the wall with this. What’s next, the makers of iPhone being taken to court and sued because some idiot opted to text while driving?

The maker of political rally signs sued because a riot broke out? The makers of hot coffee sued because someone is dumb enough to burn themselves with it? Oh, wait. That already happened.

How utterly ridiculous? How Orwellian. Let’s hope that there is some sort of appeal process whereby the makers of Remington will be cut loose from the insanity. Perhaps there is precedent set for Remington to sue the Sandy Hook lot in return.

On what grounds? For being stupid and causing the company financial harm. Then, go after the judge for criminal behavior.

This is clearly a miscarriage of justice and in open defiance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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