It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton does not like most people. She just seems to be one of those people you think are inclined toward the old eugenics movement, doesn’t she?

Think about those socio-cultural “greats” that she idolizes. Then think about the eugenics movement and there you have it.

Apparently, she has a “pet name” for disabled kids. RETARD. Now, granted most of us who grew up in the ‘80s still lob that term around when talking about someone who is not mentally disabled, but something extraordinarily stupid.

We do not use that word when talking about kids or people who have a disabling condition. Those that take offense to the slang use of the term need to get a life (another 80’s iconic phrase).

Hillary Clinton has used the word “retard” to slam the disabled. In fact, a woman named Dolly Kyle, who claims to have carried on a “relationship” with the former POTUS has written a book, “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir.

In it, she describes Hillary’s affectionate stance when it comes to our disabled children. The incident in question took place many years ago while her husband was governor of Arkansas.

An Easter-Egg hunt was underway and the disabled kids were a little too slow-going for her.

“When are they going to get those F***king ree-tards out of here!?”

Of course, we have to take this bit of information to be no more than rumor, but when it comes to Hillary all bets are off.

Rumor has it, she has a secret email server in a bathroom in nowhere Colorado and that she willfully let our boys die in a terrorist attack in this place called Benghazi

Source: Conservative Tribune



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