Beyonce Knowles is one of the reasons that many conservative don’t like celubutards. We do not have time for their idiotic shenanigans. The Super Bowl half-time entertainment powers-that-be should be ashamed of themselves for putting her on the center stage.

The Super Bowl is an All American event. For her portion of the show, Ms. Knowles chose to pay homage to the Black Panthers and various black thug movements, and completely disrespect America.

For crying out loud, shock-entertainer, Lady Gaga, had the grace and humility to set her ludicrous antics aside and give a fantastic rendition of our National Anthem.

Yet, she is dismissed, her performance went un-noticed, and we all pay attention to a retard in stockings parading around the stage lambasting law enforcement.

Law enforcement did not just let it slide. The chose to turn the televisions off and walk away from her performance. This move is symbolic at-best, but it was at least something.

Her skit was one of endorsement for the violent Black Lives Matter, F*** To Flag, kill whitey, and execute law enforcement movements out there. She forgets that the movement takes issue with even black people who are not living on the dole. Meaning she takes aim at herself, and shoots herself in the foot with her little sing-song diatribe.

She is the proverbial marionette whose strings are being pulled. She is a tool, nothing more—dumber than a bucket of hammers.

She decries the very people who take her safety, as an American citizen, to heart. She belittles those who would take a bullet for her should the need ever arise in their jurisdiction.

Beyonce is a black thug. She just happens to have the talent and platform to sing, instead of being a thug in the gutter, where she most obviously belongs.

Their move may have been symbolic, but what law enforcement did speaks their integrity. What Beyonce speaks to the utter lack of hers. What the Super Bowl folks did is prove they have no character.

Source: Mad World News


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