Recent bouts of violence that have featured guns have put the United States on pins and needles, but not because of an increasing fear of gun violence. No, this fear instead comes from the federal government and the everyday citizens fears that the government will step in and try to take away guns from its citizens.

Since the time of the Founding Fathers Americans have kept and preserved the right to possess firearms. It's written into the Bill of Rights. But now, with seemingly more and more instances of lone wolf gunmen and violent behavior there is realistic talk in Washington that the government should step in and confiscate people's guns.

Thankfully, many elected officials are standing up to the bureaucracy and letting their constituents know where the boundaries really are. One of these leaders is Elkhart County, Indiana sheriff Brad Rogers. Sheriff Rogers's stance is clear: if Washington tries to take away people's guns, he won't let it happen.

"I don't think the government has any place in gun registration . . . [and] the government shouldn't know who's got weapons," Rogers said. He also said that he wouldn't obey any executive order from President Obama requiring citizens to turn in their guns or bring them in for registration.

In fact, Rogers goes so far as to discourage people from registering their guns with the Sheriff's Office, something that probably leaves Obama and other liberals dead in the water.

If a county sheriff, someone who is down on the ground, in the middle of the action, doesn't believe that U.S. citizens should register their guns, how can the federal government realistically say that it's for the country's best interest?

Washington and its liberal-minded politicians need to pay attention to the realities of America, not just the headline-grabbing options that the Obama administration has tried to enact. It's time to take a stand for our rights and not give in to liberal ideals that aren't realistic.

h/t: Freedom Outpost

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