Heads are turning in Stone County, Missouri, when patrol vehicles from the county sheriff's office drive by. That's because Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader recently ordered that the words, "In God We Trust" be placed on the back of every patrol car under his jurisdiction.

Rader made the announcement over Facebook and is shown posing with one of his county patrol cars that now sport the national motto. "There has been no better time than now to proudly display our national motto!" Rader wrote in the Facebook post.

While the Facebook post has garnered over 80,000 likes and 30,000 shares on Facebook, a local atheist blog called the "Friendly Atheist" is up in arms over Rader's move.

"There probably is no legal recourse here" wrote the blog's contributors, which is correct, especially because Rader is simply making a statement of support of a national motto which has been in effect for decades.

In addition to the motto placed on patrol cars, another issue getting the "Friendly Atheist" is up in arms about the Stone County Sheriffs website that contains a variation of the verse, Romans 13:3-4:

Unfortunately for atheists who get heated by Rader's actions, the national motto is also on all U.S. currency. Additionally, even President Obama has used the phrase "God bless America," in his speeches and in his presidential announcements.

Atheists, it's time to stop being offended by the inclusion of God in everyday expressions of Americanism. It is a part of our heritage and it is a part of our country.

h/t: BPR

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