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Calling all concealed-carry permit holders! Particularly if you live in Arizona. American conservatives’ anti-illegal immigration, and anti-criminal, much beloved Sheriff, Joe Arpaio (AZ) has issued a bellwether call for you to carry your gun wherever you go.

The reason being that Sheriff Arpaio recognizes the fact, and is making his constituents aware, that he and his department cannot be all places all the time.

This is something that all Americans need to realize. Our law enforcement is awesome, but sometimes a split-second is all that stands between you and 6-feet of dirt above your body, and Arpaio is making a very good case;

“I’m just talking about area where you have large crowds and someone pull out the gun and starts shooting. Maybe somebody with a concealed weapon takes the guy down.”

Who can argue with this? Pinal County Sheriff Chief Deputy, that’s who. He thinks that a bad situation can be made worse by un-trained gun owners.

Concealed-carry gun owners had to go through training to get the permit, have to qualify regularly to keep the permit, as well as sit through refresher training, not to mention most practice/target shoot regularly, and 99.9999% are so responsible you would never know they had a gun on them.

Think of all the recent crimes we’ve heard or read about of late, ranging from the nut who shot up the Planned Parenthood in CO, the psycho who went into the community college in Oregon, the guy who shot up the movie theater, let alone terrorists launching attacks in this country.

A single concealed-carry gun owner could have made all the difference.

Source: KPHO


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