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Sheriff Joe Arpaio commissioned an attorney to make a filing with the federal judge who ordered the cease and desist on President Obama's executive amnesty, calling for a hearing to address the President's non-compliance.

Thank you Joe, for doing what a Sheriff is supposed to do. Most folks, and that is mostly the Democratic base and their Liberal cohorts, don't understand that the position of a Sheriff is the only Constitutionally created law enforcement in the United States. Every other agency that deals with the law has been created by legislation from the federal down to the local level. Even a city's police department is granted authority by legislation. You can tell the difference by how the officers are hired. Police, FBI and other alphabet agencies go through a hiring process. A Sheriff is elected by his constituents. That's how you know the difference.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch is the attorney who filed the important documents, citing Obama's administration of not complying with the court's temporary injunction. Instead, officials in the White House has moved forward to provide amnesty to more than 5 million illegals, among the details in the programs that are being implemented by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.

President Obama has already stated that the injunction issued by US District Judge Andrew S. Hanen will be bypassed, supplicating a Miami crowd. Of course Obama wouldn't have any trouble breaking Federal law by ignoring a Federal Ruling to a bunch of illegal immigrants, who's very action of entering America also violates Federal laws.

By calling out Obama and his illegal policies, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has stepped up to the plate, as the territory he is charged with protecting is directly affected by the absence of Federal enforcement of standing immigration laws.

An important issue to note; Obama is also making threats to federal employees who obey the federal judge's ruling to stop working the amnesty programs. So there we have it, folks. A President who breaks federal law via executive over-reach, providing an example to illegal immigrants that it's okay to break federal law right to their faces, using threats to keep those who comply with the law in check, is the most criminal politician to ever sit in the Oval Office.

It almost sounds like a plot from a cheap pulp-fiction airport novel, but this administration is a very real nightmare, staring every American in the eyes each time we see the Criminal-In-Chief step in front of the teleprompter for another performance. Of course, if it was you or I who broke federal laws so casually, we would be sent so far to the back of a federal prison, they would need to pipe air to us. We can only hope that Obama will find his way to the other side of those bars when he steps down after the next election cycle.


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