Florida has a good man watching the citizens'  backs. Grady Judd, Polk County Sheriff, tells it like it is.

When it came to the death of a murderous illegal immigrant being made into a slice of Swiss cheese, courtesy of several rounds of bullets, Judd not mince words.

Ten years ago, illegal alien, Angilo Freeland, killed a cop and a K-9 officer, before wounding another officer and leading police on a car chase. Suffice it to say, Freeland did not win.

The liberal wack-job media had a field day with today’s term for cops doing their jobs and ridding the world of bad guys—excessive force.  Freeland was killed via 68 out of 110 shots.

“I suspect the only reason 110 round was all that was fired was that’s all the ammunition they had."


He went on, “We were not going to take any chance of him shooting back.”

You don’t kill cops thinking you are going to get away with it. Hello…press? You don’t bad-mouth cops for being heroes.

Grady’s men and women did exactly what they should have done. They saved your life and mine in ridding the world of another murderous creep. Grady and his officers deserve everyone’s praise and gratitude.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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