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Within the last decade we’ve witnessed police officers being continually vilified and condemned within both the mainstream media and among the political progressive elite, and as such we’ve seen a growing tide of disrespect for those that have taken an oath to “protect and serve” and an epidemic of random shootings targeted at police officers and even premeditated cold-blooded executions.

And within that backdrop of lawlessness an illegal immigrant named Angilo Freeland shot and murdered a sheriff’s deputy and his dog in Lakeland, Florida, leading police on a 24-hour manhunt that resulted in another officer being shot and Freeland ultimately being killed in a hail of gunfire.

It was later revealed that Freeland had been hit 68 times out of an estimated 110 rounds fired at the suspect by a SWAT team that had him surrounded in a patch of woods.

And of course once the mainstream media heard how many times this “cop killer thug” was hit, “they” decided too much force was used, and of course they reached that conclusion from the comfort of their individual new rooms.

When asked by the local media why his men had fired so many rounds, Sheriff Judd matter-of-factly replied, “You have to understand, he had already shot and killed a deputy, he had already shot and killed a K-9 and he shot and injured another deputy. Quite frankly, we weren’t taking any chances.”

“I suspect the only reason 110 rounds was all that was fired was that’s all the ammunition they had,” Judd added. “We were not going to take any chance of him shooting back.”

This story is old but it still resonates more than ever in the anti-police environment that the Obama administration has created.

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