No doubt if you’ve been keeping up with the news then you’ve already witnessed an “outrage a day” by the deranged left since Donald Trump captured the White House. At first, it was simply assumed that the left was going through their anticipated and expected “5-stages of grief” that we all go through when we say “goodbye” to a loved-one, which usually are “denial, anger, bargaining, depression” and then finally “acceptance.”

However, it seems that the rabid left has been fluctuating within those 4-stages and never quite reaching that magic number 5 “acceptance,” that rational and reasonable individuals reach to move on with their lives, and in fact, it seems to be getting worst with this new phenomenon called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

This apparently explains the latest “outrage a day” which took place in Milwaukee’s predominantly Hispanic south side to the downtown courthouse on Monday, when protesters began demonstrating against a proposed plan to deputize local law enforcement officers as federal immigration agents.

Busloads of demonstrators estimated at between 10,000 to 20,000 people from about a dozen communities joined the local protesters chanting "Si, podemos!" or "Yes we can!"

Jose Flores, board president at Voces de le Frontera, and one of the organizers of the event said: "Many peoples got to be afraid, you know. Like many families in this country, there's a lot of hard workers. They are not criminals. We are not criminals."

The strategy to turn Milwaukee's deputies into ICE agents in combating illegal immigration and pluck out the criminal element hidden within this group of immigrants is the brainchild of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Activists and organized Latino groups are vowing to fight Sheriff Clark’s proposal by closing their businesses and taking their children out of school hoping to prevent Clarke from turning deputies into immigration agents.

However in a statement, the good Sheriff, once again reiterated that his job is protecting America’s borders, and for the safety of its citizens to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, that open borders provide. His job is to also "control the number of another failed nation's refugees which would overwhelm America's limited public services."

Share this everywhere. Sheriff Clarke is under attack just for standing up for our laws and he needs our support!

Source: Chicago Tribune

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