Watching the brief video footage of Muslim garbed shooter Edward Archer, arms extended rushing towards a parked police car and firing round after round, and then actually firing at point blank range into the window is as graphic a visual that most will ever see, thankfully and perhaps by the grace of God, Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett although shot several times will survive.

The dramatic video was aired almost none stop and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke a guest on Fox’s “Hannity” show spoke about the “assassination” attempt and of officer Hartnett’s remarkable response.

Sheriff David argued that the attempted murder of this police officers by a terrorist, saying; “he should be charged with treason…charged as an enemy combatant, held at Gitmo and he should not have access to American courts.”

Clarke continued; “if he’s an American citizen, he forfeits his citizenship, and he should be tried in a military court, and if convicted, he should be executed.”

Clarke went on to remind the viewers of Obama’s dismal track record in combating terrorism, however the prize must go to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, who couldn’t get to the podium quick enough to suggest that the gunmen who claimed he shot the officer in the name of Islam, is in fact mistaken saying; “it is abhorrent. It is terrible and it does not represent the religion or any of its teachings.”

He continued, “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers, It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”

Obviously with this kind of incompetent leadership Sheriff Clarke is indeed correct!

Source: Breitbart



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