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“Get a judge’s order or a new sheriff.”

 Those are the 8 words of Florida’s Walton County Sheriff, Michael Adkinson, in response to a request that he remove a bumper sticker from their cruisers because somebody finds it offensive.

That somebody would be the atheist organization The Freedom from Religion Foundation whose main purpose in life appears to be being social agitators and seriously annoying.


The offensive item is a bumper sticker that reads “In God We Trust” appearing on some of the cruisers.

Supposedly, there is a Deputy within the department that is upset over the stickers as well, but is choosing to remain anonymous. How convenient of them to have an anonymous insider. They are considering a law suit to have the stickers removed. No big surprise there.

The entire response of Sheriff Adkinson, to the organization is available for your reading pleasure below.


He takes his time to say that he respects their lack of religious belief, but that they are wrong and uninformed on many levels.

Of note, is that “In God We Trust” happens to be the state motto. He also offers that he is paying for the stickers, personally, with the support of the entire office. Their only means of pursuing this with the Sheriff’s office will be get a court order. "Get a judge's order or a new sheriff."

Florida is lucky to have a Sheriff of strength. It is no wonder he was elected in the first place.



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