Just because someone is a black Democrat does not mean they tow the party line or worship at the feet of our mixed-race, African American identifying, race baiting, cop hating, Islam loving president.

In fact, this is so far from the truth when it comes to Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke, it would be almost unbelievable were it not for the fact the man is an ever-present face in the public media.

Sheriff Clarke is a no-holds-barred equal opportunity critic of Washington and their dysfunction when it comes to leading nation, particularly with respect to the ceaseless White House and Democrat Liberal led assault on the 2nd Amendment, and their thinking that they are the great saviors of the racial wars they’ve started.

Case in point-Obama claims he has been instrumental in getting America moving in the direction of addressing “racial disparity,” and how very proud is it at having been instrumental in that regard, and hopes his successor will pick up the baton and continue to run with the issue because, “this is what it means to perfect our union.”

Sheriff Clarke says our Dear Leader is a failure in this regard, and that racism is real because of the “ugly scar on the soul of America,” courtesy of slavery and discrimination, “but that scar has been healing over the years.” Clarke goes on to liken Obama’s actions to that of sandpaper scraping across a wound, and that he is, “hallucinating if he thinks he has improved race relations in America,” going on to state the president is “delusional if he really thinks that.”

Aside from the fact that our president is delusional in general, Sheriff Clarke is spot-on.

Source: CNS News


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