Ohio’s Governor, John Kasich, puts himself out there on the campaign trail as your average ordinary citizen. Like the rest of us, he has millions of dollars in net worth (wink). He also promotes himself as this super down to earth, humble man of simple beginnings.

Wisconsin sheriff, David Clarke begs to differ. He has presented video footage, from late January 2008, of the “”anti gun and anti cop,” Governor as anything but.

You see a car identified as Governor Kasich’s pass a law enforcement vehicle, and pass an emergency vehicle on the side of the road without yielding.  

The officer wrote the Governor a ticket, told him to appear in court, and if he does not a warrant will be issued for his arrest. Simple enough.

The exchange between the Governor and the officer appears to go well, as there is a respect on both side.  Well, Kasich went on to say this in speech:

“Have you ever been stopped by a policeman who was an idiot?”

 “I had this idiot pull me over on 315.”

He relays the story of the traffic stop, and claims the last thing he would ever do is pass an emergency vehicle. He goes on;

He’s an idiot!

Kasich then goes on to say the people resent people in the government who don’t treat the client with respect.

What?! One thing is for certain and that is Kasich is correct. We don’t like people like him, in the government, treating others, like cops disrespectfully.

Between Kasich and Trump, who praises the Thin Blue Line, who is the boorish arrogant jerk?

That would be Governor Kasich. Do you really want him in the highest office in the land?

h/t: Young Cons


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