It’s always a pleasure hearing from tough talking and articulate Sheriff David Clarke and his insightful take on what’s going on with these protests and demonstrations taking place at Trump rallies.

Sheriff Clarke wearing a no-nonsense cowboy hat wasted little time in identifying this marauding band of thugs.

“I identified these individuals for who they really are well over a year ago,” he said on Fox & Friends Weekend. “I call them anarchists. It’s a conglomeration of misfits.

The good Sheriff continued;

“You have rowdy juveniles, you have criminals, you have cop haters, you have university students, you have organized labor and there’s a spattering of well-intentioned people who are being used in this and put out front to put on a good face,” he said calling it a “dangerous” and “totalitarian movement.”

He went on to suggest that sometimes physical confrontations can’t always be avoided especially if these troublemakers, are indeed looking for trouble, in that it’s one thing to peacefully demonstrate, and quite another for someone attempting to physically intimidate you.

Saying; “I’m not encouraging them to start the fight, but I’m one of those that comes from the school: if the fight is inevitable, hit first, and hit hard.”

The sheriff explained that “every sovereign nation has a duty and an obligation and a vested interest to protect its borders.”

h/t: BPR

Sheriff Clarke To ‘Anarchist’ Trump Protesters: Be Ready When The Fight Comes To You…"]
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