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America’s Sheriff has once again laid out in his “no-frill” language what critical thinking Americans have been hoping someone would address openly and honestly.

And Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke didn’t disappoint is legends of fans when he addressed the plight of race relations on "Sunday Morning Futures" and President’s Obama’s apparent ambivalence to the unfolding crises, and terming it as the elephant in the room" when it comes to police-involved shootings of black males.

Sheriff Clarke once again cut through the progressive blather identifying the current racial issues facing America stating:

"What leads to so many interactions of young black males and police in urban centers? It's crime, that might be an ugly truth, but it's still the truth."

Clarke also referenced the disingenuous dialog within the politically correct establishment about changing police tactics and behavior, rather the addressing the real issues of drugs and gangs saying:

"Those things are going to increase the risk of a deadly encounter, no one wants to ask, 'Where are the dads? Where are the fathers?' Instead, we go after the low-hanging fruit. Too many people want to attack the police."

He immediately referenced Obama’s "anti-cop" rhetoric which no doubt has added to the discourse and perhaps even to the violence committed against the police, and suggested that "he should say nothing. Every time he opens his mouth, he fans the flames of this anti-police sentiment that is sweeping the country in some of these urban centers."

Clarke ended his observation saying "With what he's done to set this whole country on fire with his race politics, he should just leave it alone."

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