There’s little doubt there was an awful lot of “tongue-in-cheek” behind Sheriff Clark’s humorous statement when he stated: “Boy, does it feel good to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and not feel bashful about it,”

Moreover “bashful” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when referencing the good sheriff, who certainly isn’t timid about expressing himself.

His comment was to highlight the seismic shift of the presidential election, and how that historic fallout will begin to sweep across the country, and hopefully turn around the anti-police rhetoric that has been the hallmark of the Obama Administration for almost 8-years.

Sheriff Clark took particular delight in reminding Christmas-hating Democrats why they lost:  “You know this political correctness that we’ve been under; this country’s been under, this siege for the last eight years has been horrendous. You had to go around and, you know, say ‘Happy Holidays’ so you don’t offend anybody”

However Sheriff Clark wasn’t through and took his best swipe at Hillary and those playing the blame game saying:  “She’s why she lost. But of course, with her it’s always somebody else’s fault, accepts no responsibility, slept during most of the campaign. Every time you turned around, she was reported to be taking a nap. Well, she’s going to have plenty of time to nap now, isn’t she?”

LISTEN to the interview from The Blaze here:

Source: The Blaze

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