That’s 795 families that will have celebrated the holidays without someone who was there with them last year. Families who will ring in the new year with memories of the horror the last year brought to their door.

They were shot to death on the streets of Chicago – primarily on the streets on the south and west sides of the city. Black neighborhoods.

On one block alone, ten people have been shot during 2016.

576 of the deaths resulted in ‘No Suspect Charged.’

More than half of those victims were killed less than a mile from their home. During a weekend. From 6 pm until 2 am.

One young widow now raising three children on her own said, They don't realize what they do to the families when they kill someone – me and my children are going to counseling once a week because they don't know how to live without their father."

Chicago’s homicides exceeded those in New York City and Los Angeles – combined.

Another 4,338 were shot and wounded.

Only 11 of the shootings involved police.

611 were African-American.

Apparently, those black lives don’t matter much – at least not to Barack Obama who has stayed away from his adopted hometown, where his wife was born, where they practiced law and married in Jeremiah Wright’s church, where their children were born, where he launched his meteoric rise to political power.

They didn’t matter to Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

Her opponent, Donald Trump, challenged African-Americans to switch their long-term party allegiance by pointing out, You’ve been sticking with the Democratic Party all these years – and what has it gotten you?” asking for their votes point blank. “What the hell have you got to lose?

Clinton accused Trump of being blind to the thriving African-American communities of faith and the success of black leaders in every field… The vibrancy of black-owned businesses…”

Now, as the year-end statistics of the slaughter in Chicago are finalized, waiting for late entries from the New Year’s Eve Saturday night, outspoken sheriff David Clarke penned a brutally frank assessment of what’s happened to the city and why, who’s to blame and what needs to be done to stop the bloodshed.

Clarke called out longtime Obama insider, Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has overseen the explosion of violence during his five years in City Hall.

While Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson rightly points out that gang violence accounts for 90 percent of the crimes, noting, “These gun offenders have repeatedly shown us that they’re not going to play by society’s rules,” his only suggestion is to call for… tougher gun control laws.

Sheriff Clarke has a different prescription: “Crack down on crime, make the punishments severe and allow law-abiding citizens protect themselves.”

“It’s time Democrat ghetto hellholes like Chicago pay attention to what’s happening in their pro-gun controlled cities instead of learning the hard way that criminals don’t care what laws are on the books. It’s never acceptable to take away the rights of good people to offer the illusion of safety.”

Maybe someone in City Hall in Chicago will listen to Sheriff Clarke – and fewer families will suffer in the new year.

Read Sheriff Clarke's full blog post here.

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