It’s been a well-known “secret” for decades, and a topic that the mainstream media would never touch regarding the plight of black America, for fear of the enormous political backlash that would ensue by progressive Democrats who’ve invested so much time and energy in keeping black families “chained” to their ideology.

Moreover, while the plight of the inner cities regarding poverty and crime has always been at the forefront of cultural issues regarding African American’s, the true “cause-and-effect” have rarely been discussed.

There’s little doubt that for over 50-years and 22-trillion dollars later, since LBJ’s “War on Poverty” that the poverty rate in America hasn’t changed and there’s even more evidence that the mainstream media along with the progressive establishment have purposely ignored this issue for decades.

However, David Clarke, the ultra-conservative Republican sheriff from Wisconsin, knows the reason for the collective silence among the progressive elites and isn’t afraid to assert that voting Democrat destroys Black families.

In an interview with WND, Clarke, 60, believes it is no coincidence that the most dangerous cities in America are all led politically by Democrats. The firebrand blunt speaking sheriff contends there’s always been a hidden master plan to keep black families near or barely above the poverty level and dependent on government entitlements.

Moreover, Sheriff Clark acknowledges that the destruction of the family unit, in particular, a “fatherless” society within the black communities has ravaged those living within the inner cities.

“My family wasn’t perfect, but I was born into a two-parent family and had an engaged dad. I had a dad who kept me on the straight and narrow. He instilled a sense of respect for authority and a sense of taking responsibility for my actions. He provided love when I needed it, but he also provided discipline when I needed it too.”

Clark continued; “You look at some of the news stories, kids really – you are talking about 14- and 15-year-olds – involved in some serious violent crime. The common denominator with the overwhelming majority of those kids is no involved dad.”

“When dads were taken out of the picture during the Great Society, with Democrat President Lyndon Johnson and the ‘War on Poverty,’ it resulted in a declaration of war on the Black family because it marginalized Black men and separated them from their children,” he said.

Source: Rolling Out

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