There aren't too many Fox News hosts left that oppose Donald Trump but Shep Smith is one of them. In fact, He may be the host on Fox that hates Trump and the most.

Recently Shep Smith came after Donald Trump Jr. and he took it too far.

Now tons of Fox News fans are calling for Smith to get sacked.

Smith came after Trump Jr. and the controversy around Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russian lawyer. When it first came out that Trump Jr. had met with the lawyer the left went nuts, further propagating their Russian boogyman narrative.

In order to get ahead of the media, Trump Jr. released his emails with the Russians showing that he wasn't hiding anything. Smith didn't see it that way, however, and he took a very different tone.

Smith spoke with Julie Bykowicz on the show and immediately came after Trump "His transparency came minutes before he had been made aware that The New York Times would be publishing the same e-mails this released, is that correct?"

Bykowicz responded and confirmed this.

"So transparency is something that normally happens prior to learning that somebody else is about to document dump you. Normally that word wouldn’t be used in this circumstance," continued Smith. "Each change in explanation happened after the New York Times brought out more of this information. Their story changes happen every time the Times brings out more relevant information."

This didn't sit too well with Fox News fans. As soon as the show aired Twitter erupted with disapproval and cries for Smith to get canned.

Do you think Smith needs to go? Tell us in the comments below.

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