This month marks the 50th Anniversary of what has come to be known as “Bloody Sunday” a defining moment in America’s Civil Right’s movement, when six hundred marchers peacefully assembled and began to march towards  the Edmund Puttus bridge, and were ordered to stop  by an army of Alabama State Troopers and local police and then ordered to turn back. When the protesters refused,  what ensued was a  quick and violent response and a bloody confrontation between the nonviolent protesters and the police. Within moments Selma became the flash point of intolerance,  prejudice and hate and a defining moment within the struggle to achieve equality.

Fast forward to 2015 and one would think listening to the likes of Sharpton that the Edmund Puttus Bridge has still not yet been crossed.  Sharpton is a race hustler who has exploited the issue of race for decades into a very profitable business for himself, under the guise of the National Action Network, a “not-for-profit” Civil rights organization founded by the good reverend himself in 1991, and which now boasts over 70-chapters nationwide.

And it seems that wherever the good reverend or his organization goes, controversy is sure to follow, this time in Flint Michigan, when one of his minions the Rev. Charles Williams speaking in response to the Trayvon Martin verdict, veered off script (or perhaps not) and began to compare the quality of drinking water to the plight of the Holocaust and offered this analogy during a televised press conference that Flint’s water supply is “almost as bad as gas chambers for Jews”.

The response of course was almost immediate in that The Anti-Defamation League offered the following comments:

"Both of my in-laws were Holocaust survivors and not to say they have any kind of monopoly on suffering but what they went through is a completely different experience than what anybody in the US is experiencing today."

"I would imagine that he didn't mean to offend hundreds even thousands of people when made those comments but again comparing what's going on here to what happened in the holocaust is never appropriate".

Being accurate and or appropriate has never stopped Sharpton or his followers from inserting themselves in high-profile situations

The city of Flint responded to Rev. Williams allegations saying they were “extremely disappointed” by the pastor’s remarks, including his comparison of the quality and consumption of Flint’s water supply to “genocide.” “We are extremely disappointed in Rev. Charles Williams’ comments but certainly understand and share, his frustration,” the city statement says. “With that said, we find Rev. Williams’ accusations are a gross misrepresentation of the Flint water condition and a wholly inappropriate comparison.”

Now whether there’s an issue with Flint’s water supply or not is antibodies guess, however one thing is certain, there’s never a dull moment when the Rev. Al is in town with his merry band of hucksters.





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