Bishop Wayne Jackson, pastor of Great Faith Ministries, welcomed Donald Trump to the nondenominational church in Detroit, where the congregation sang with him, prayed with him and listened to his call for “a new civil rights agenda for our time.”

Pastor Jackson presented Trump with a Jewish Heritage Study Bible and draped a prayer shawl over the candidate’s shoulders telling him he had prayed and fasted over the shawl and was giving it to him to “lift him up” as he flies around the country campaigning.

Later, Hillary Clinton supporter and senior pastor at the city’s Holy Ghost Cathedral said she felt Trump had been “honest and transparent” with his message. “It was great.”

Taurus Simpson, a pastor from Saginaw, Michigan, said it may take time before Trump’s image among African-Americans is erased, but told the press he had seen “a more humble” Trump.

The Republican candidate’s trip to Detroit was viewed by the media as venturing into enemy territory – Democrat territory – ruled by the party of the Clintons, of Obama, of longtime rule over previously prosperous cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore and Detroit that are now the poorest and most violent in the nation.

Calling the African-American church, “the conscience of this country” for centuries and “one of God’s greatest gifts to America,” Trump told the churchgoers he had come “to listen to your message.”

But what do Detroit clergy know?

Al Sharpton, activist, race hoax specialist and tax evader, told MSNBC that Trump’s visit was “condescending” and an insult to our intelligence,” criticizing Trump for not laying out a specific agenda, although the campaign has released a statement highlighting his previously stated positions on education, jobs and public safety.

Trump has rebelled against conventional political wisdom that no Republican can compete for the African-American vote against Democrats, challenging black voters to consider making a real change this election year.

“What the hell have you got to lose?” he asked in a speech last week.

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