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He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! And just in time for the long hot summer ahead, which one can almost predict will be volatile.

And of course where would a long, hot, and volatile summer be without the reverend himself “slim shady Sharpton” doing what he does best, avoid paying taxes, and stirring up a racial brew?

This time in Staten Island the good Rev. Sharpton is calling for an investigation into how a black teen suddenly collapsed and died while being chased by a group of white individuals, one of whom was brandishing a gun while yelling, “I’m gonna shoot-y!”

Dayshen McKenzie 16, however apparently died from an asthma attack, and that’s where things get a little fuzzy.

However that didn’t stop “slim shady Sharpton" from asking for an investigation, and holding a rally Saturday with the family of McKenzie on May 27th.

Sharpton is calling on the feds to investigate the teen’s death because he doesn’t trust the District Attorney’s office in Staten Island, which of course is what “slim shady Sharpton” always does, and it’s somewhat reminiscent of his handling and representation of the infamous Tawana Brawley case.Brawley was a young African-American girl who gained national notoriety by falsely accusing four white man of gang raping her, one of whom was Duchess County Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones, whose career was destroyed by the false allegations.

Moreover the McKenzie incident actually took place during a pre-planned gang-fight and the NYPD added that only one person reported the use of a racial slur, later recanting his statement.

Sharpton responded commenting, "There’s two challenges in this case: one was a crime committed? Are you saying they had the right to chase him? And two, whether you’re saying people using racial language while they chase somebody against their will is no longer considered hate."

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce in response pointed out that McKenzie was involved in a gang fight adding, "At this point it appears possibly gang related between two groups, we do not consider this incident to be a hate crime at this point."

Source: DNA Info


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