Is there a snowball’s chance that the man of the cloth, our good buddy, the Reverend Al Sharpton, would be embarrassed after learning that his screeching of racism was not true? Probably not. It would behoove this man to be embarrassed about anything.

He is a race-baiter without a soul. He has no qualms about pointing the finger at any white person he can find with respect to any imaginary offense he can muster. For example, using the snowball reference will likely raise his blood pressure, because snow balls are white. Oh well.

Recently Sharpton grandstanded about white hatred when it came to the burning of churches attended by the black communities of St. Louis, Missouri.

It had to be the evil white-man! Who else would do such a thing to God-fearing innocent black people? After all this is where the violent Black Lives Matter riots that Sharpton himself had a hand in ginning up took place.

Well, it turns out it was not a white person running around committing arson against several black community churches. Nope. It was appears to be the work of a 35-year old black man by the name of David Lopez Jackson who is suspected of going around burning down black community churches.

Jackson, looking like a complete king-of-retards, sporting what appears to be a Latin Kings Gang crown tattoo on his face, right between his eyebrows, managed to get himself arrested after he was captured on video at the scene of a church fire. This is not a first offense for this king of a criminal. Because he has quite the rap-sheet.

Leave it to Sharpton to go on a rant without knowing all the facts. Unfortunately, now that a black suspect has been arrested, Sharpton will either deflect and find a way to still blame it on white people, or just melt away into the woodwork only to resurface somewhere else, likely beside Obama, and get himself in front of another camera where he will go on another rant about make believe white hatred against black people.

The mainstream media, ever complicit, will now drop the matter. If they can’t blame it on white folks then they don’t want you to hear about it.

Source: Mad World News


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