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It seems that the resident “race baiter” Al Sharpton is at it again, this time setting his sights on a very big prize, none other than that liberal bastion within Hollywood the film industry, and in particular the Academy Awards, and a follow by the name of “Oscar.”

Sharpton and his merry-men of leading civil rights leaders and their three organizations are requesting a meeting with the trustees of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and other film industry leaders to discuss the apparent “racism” within the selection process of choosing nominations within the Academy, much like how many blue M&M’s “must” be in a package of those chocolate treats, is more likely what these race hustlers a looking for, some type of guaranteed number of “black actors” or else Sharpton and company will do the prescribed dance of protest.

Joining within the festivities will be The National Urban League, the National Action Network, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation.

"I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood with the task force to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards," he said.

Sharpton will be joined by NUL President Marc Morial who along with Sharpton and Melanie Campbell have issued a joint statement requesting the meeting with the Academy.

Of course Sharpton is always primed and looking for the next big thing to hustle, and of course once the Academy had the audacity to overlook two years in a row to nominate a “black actor” then Sharpton of course was ready for prime time quipping:

"The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets."

Apparently already thinking ahead, saying in 2015; "The lack of diversity in today's Oscar nominations is appalling and while it is good that Selma was nominated for 'Best Picture,' it's ironic that they nominated a story about the racial shutout around voting while there is a racial shutout around the Oscar nominations. With all of the talent in Selma and other Black movies this year, it is hard to believe that we have less diversity in the nominations today than in recent history."

One can only wonder how many more blue M&M’s will Sharpton and company demand.

Source: Seattle Medium


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