Free speech is a principle held near and dear to the heart of Americans. It's central to who we are and what we stand for that we allow speech of any flavor, type, or subject matter to freely flow in this country.

But board members of the Washington, D.C. Metro Transit Authority (MTA) recently pushed back against freedom of speech by blocking a paid, advocacy advertisement that would have appeared on buses and in subway stations.

The banned ad featured the winning cartoon from the now-infamous Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas that was attacked by two jihadists. The proposed ad would have featured a drawing of Muhammad carrying a sword and saying, "You can't draw me!" and would also have featured a message about freedom of speech.

Instead of coming out and saying that it was afraid of retribution by militant Muslims--something that one Metro official admitted--the MTA banned all paid PSAs and advocacy advertisements for the next six months.

While the desire to avoid subway bombings and attacks by Islamic jihadists is understandable, what's not understandable is why America, which prides itself on fairness and equity towards religious institutions, is making such special accommodations for one religion. Are Christians who fight against abortion given special treatment by blocking Planned Parenthood signage and advertisements?


Is America finally showing signs of buckling down under Sharia law? Have we reached the point where we're more afraid of offending a religious group of individuals than of protecting the right to free speech?

If the Metro truly is afraid of putting up signs that might offend Muslims, maybe they should come out and admit their fear rather than hiding behind the cancellation of all paid advertisements.

We are reaching a point of no return when it comes to freedom of speech. Will we allow militant Muslims and their violent acts to disrupt our freedoms or will we continue to stand up for the beauty and importance of everyone's opinions? America, now is the time to decide.

h/t: Breitbart

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