“Who’s your daddy”, is perhaps one of the many questions that taxpayers in Rotherham, England, will be asking themselves after reading this article, and rightly so!

In that there was once a time that collecting welfare benefits was considered by both the government and the recipient, to be a temporary emergency assistance program and not a lifelong benefits package with additional perks for having as many children as biologically possible.

And that seems to be exactly what both the welfare system in England and Katerina Sisarova, 43, from Slovakia, have rendered the system.

Katerina Sisarova

This immigrant mother, who has 11 children and 11 grandchildren, and receives $40,000 annually, in welfare benefits, apparently to have as many babies as possible, all on the tax payers dime.

Her husband Peter, a builder by trade, has held a few odd jobs, however hasn’t worked in two years, say; My country no have job, no food… nothing, no, I’m not going back,  no, not ever. I like it here in England. England give me house, give me doctor, school, benefit. England good, thank you so much England. Thank you very much”.

Katerina also chimed in stating: ‘I get child benefit, tax credit, housing benefit, ‘I’ve got a better life here than in my country. I’m never going to go back to Slovakia, never.”

And although this welfare abuse is taking place in England, American tax payers will also soon be paying a heavy price with the expected 200,000 Muslim refugees making their way to our shores.

Source: Right Wing News



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