In yet another chapter in the growing saga of illegal immigrants entering the United States through complicated networks of human trafficking, authorities in Texas have busted an entire semi-truck load of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country.

The driver of the semi-truck, a man named Drew Christopher Potter, told authorities that he was offered $800 to drive his truck from Laredo, Texas to San Antonio. When authorities questioned Potter about his knowledge of the cargo, he claimed not to know that it was filled to the brim with illegals.

Potter's truck had 39 illegal immigrants shoved into the trailer and he is now undergoing a federal criminal complaint, likely in conjunction with the crime of illegally transporting people.

According to officials who made the stop, another trucker called the police after seeing Potter's truck stopped at a truck stop. A half-hour later, authorities pulled the truck over and witnessed hands groping outside of the rear door, trying to open it.

Much like the horrendous trafficking incidents in Europe the occupants of Potter's truck were nearly dead with thirst and heat exhaustion. They were too weak to get out of the truck on their own and most were taken to local hospitals to rehabilitate.

In a show of goodwill, passing vehicles donated bottles of water to the illegals, who were dehydrated almost to the point of dying.

Not only is illegal immigration taxing on our border resources, but it is also demonstrably dangerous to the illegals trying to enter the country. We need to increase our security, yes, but we also need to make it clear that those who try to enter illegally are doing so at an extreme risk to their lives.

Immigration is a broken system. We need to secure the border, crack down on these illegal human traffickers, and remove the temptation for illegals to enter the country in the back of trucks. This is the 21st century. We don't need the deaths of dozens of illegals on our hands.

h/t: Houston Chronicle

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