If this demented measure passes America will literally cease to exist in College Park, Maryland.

Liberal lame-brained City Councilwoman Christine Nagle wants the council to adopt her proposal that would enable non-citizens (either legal or illegal, who's looking?) to vote in local elections.

For Nagle, it's all about "empowerment" of non-citizens and what Nagle thinks is good for the community instead of what's good for America.

The council has not made a final decision on the matter. The fact that they're even considering this blatantly illegal and unconstitutional proposal and that nobody is yet calling for Nagle's removal in a recall election, boggles any sane mind.

"These are folks who have a significant stake in our community, and who rely on the facilities in our city,” Nagle said of College Park's non-citizens, the Baltimore Sun reports. β€œTo me, it just made sense.”

In 2015, 86.5 percent of the city's residents were US citizens, according to the local census.

While Nagle and her liberally challenged cohorts would strongly disagree America is not the all-inclusive global playground without borders they've conceived it as being. It is a sovereign nation and it has been a sovereign nation since the founding documents were signed and became the law of the land.

Extending the right to vote to non-citizens (and even to incarcerated inmates) is an unrealized liberal wet dream as it would almost guarantee the newly enfranchised will vote Democrat -- and incumbent.

Democrats won't rest until America becomes a one-party system ruling over a nation that exists in name only.

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Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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