Recently a young girl was sexually assaulted by a Muslim migrant at a local swimming pool. The community decided enough was enough they were going to make a change and quit listening to those pansy liberal policies and start protecting themselves. They took a page out of Trump's playbook and it's sure to have liberals and Muslims alike completely outraged!

According to German a newspaper in Austria a 13-year-old Austrian girl had just entered the changing room at a public pool when she was grabbed by a Muslim migrant.

The Migrant then proceeded to sexually assault the young girl while she called out for help. Somehow the girl was able to break free and run for help.

This is by no means an isolated incident. In fact sexual assaults by Muslim migrants have become a growing issue at public pools all across Europe. Muslim migrants have been caught doing vile acts that include ejaculating in hot tubs, molestation of women and children, and many incidents of sexual assault in dressing rooms.

Most pool patrons have become too scared to come back to public pools like this but some have decided to not let filthy Muslim savages take over and dictate their lives.

They are demanding change. Luckily for them this towns mayor and the pool owner have had enough of these Muslim animals. The town's mayor Alfred Pohl has collaborated with the pool's management to make a major Trump-like policy change at the pool that is sure to curb sexual assaults and ensure the safety of the pool's patrons. They have enacted a ban on all migrants at the pool.

The mayor has given the pool permission to put a ban on all migrants until they are able to investigate the sexual assault and find a solution to this very real problem.

Following the town's emergency meeting the pool erected a new sign that is sure to put pool patrons at ease.

"No Entry For Refugees Today."

Naturally sympathizers that would rather protect Muslim rapists feelings than ensure the safety of women and children was heard almost immediately. The mayor however is not afraid of these liberals or their Muslim friends and has said that he will not back down on his decision.

Now that the pool has instated this ban they are going to have a major reduction in future assault cases. After all it is the small minority that is committing the large majority of the attacks.

As soon as the world sees this, just as the mayor and the pool owners have, then maybe we can start making the world a better place.

This is just another example of people adopting Trump's policy on how to deal with the violent Muslim migrant issue and it working. How much more proof does the world need to see that Trump actually knows what he's doing and will make our country a safer place if elected.

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Source: Mad World News


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