The sexual misconduct stories just continue to pile up. It's a domino effect started by Harvey Weinstein. It looks like NBC's Matt Lauer is the latest to be ousted. The allegations are severe enough that NBC has already fired the longtime journalist.

So what did Lauer do? Did he get kissy-kissy with a female coworker? Did he play butt-grab at the office? A yet-to-be-identified female NBC staffer has come forward and claimed that Lauer sexually assaulted her back when the two were on assignment together reporting on the Rio Olympics.

Supposedly, it's common knowledge by NBC staff that Lauer has had numerous affairs with subordinates, though they were all consensual. The Rio assault was not.

It's downright disturbing that sexual deviance is prevalent in all sectors. Hollywood, mainstream media, and the political sphere are rife with perverts that use their position of authority to satisfy their sexual desires.

There isn't even a whole lot that's being done about it. Sure, there have been a few firings and resignations, but Republican Roy Moore is still expected to emerge victorious in his Senate race. Likewise, Democrats have done little to force Democrat Representative John Conyers to step down. Al Franken is also expected to keep his Senate seat. Even Franken's former colleagues at SNL have voiced their support.

US Herald has reported on Harvey Weinstein and all the others that followed since, from Kevin Spacey and now to Lauer. The fact that it shows no sign of relenting just demonstrates that sexual depravity goes hand-in-hand with power and authority.

At this point, who cares where you stand in the political spectrum. There will always be plenty of time and place to crap all over the other side of the political aisle. For now, Americans need to take a stand that such immoral acts will not be tolerated.

Do you think more politicians, news anchors, and A-list Hollywood actors will be ousted in the coming weeks?

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