For all the talk about immigration and border security relatively few politicians are willing to confront the issue of gang violence in Mexico. With rising violence in the area, Mexico is appearing to be more and more of a security threat to America's southern border.

This last week, officials in Zacatecas, an area of northern Mexico, found four severed heads in coolers that were left to be found by police. Police suspect the heads were a warning message from one of Mexico's gangs to another.

The heads belonged to four, unidentified men, and messages were also left with the heads that read "Welcome to Hell," and the letters CDG which refer to one of Mexico's most violent and dangerous drug cartels.

All four heads were preserved by ice in the styrofoam coolers, evidence that whoever left the heads wanted them to be found and taken as a warning. Bodies of the four men whose heads were found have yet to be recovered, officials stated.

Officials were quick to point out that the messages and the violent nature of the method for passing on the message make it clear that this was a gang to gang confrontation. "These are the kind of messages that drug cartels leave for other gangs as part of their disputes."

While it's easy for many Americans to dismiss drug cartel violence in Mexico as a problem that only affects Mexico's citizens, the reality of the situation is that drug cartels play a huge role in the degradation of America's border security.

Recent tunnels have been unearthed connecting drug houses in Tijuana with San Diego, and many other trafficking schemes are being uncovered every day. If the drug cartels aren't afraid of Mexican law enforcement and are bold enough to send messages using severed heads, what is to stop them from attacking and subverting American security?

h/t: Washington Post

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