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House of Representatives Senior Democrat Adam Schiff doesn't see eye to eye with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army Gen. Martin Dempsey on how to wage an effective campaign against ISIS militants. While the Senior Democrat has implanted legislation in the Authorization for the Use of Military Force that would prevent the inclusion of ground troops for a minimum of three years, the Pentagon understandably opposes the damning measure.

Adam Schiff's education as an Attorney grants him the same military knowledge as a head of cabbage. By removing any viable options from the table, effectively tying the hands of experienced Generals and the battles we entrust them to fight, severely undermines any chances of success in defeating our enemies.

It has been proven in the past that conflicts cannot be won through attrition alone. The enemy quickly figures out the limitations, using the advantages it creates to secure their safety on the battlefield. ISIS is renown for grabbing hostages, forcing them on their knees out in the Syrian landscape just to execute them. Can you imagine the horror a General would have to face in learning where such an event is about to happen, but can't issue the orders for our troops to save those hostages?

Adam Schiff may as well pull the trigger himself in such a situation. I'm not going to sugar coat anything at this point. War is Hell. No soldier of any rank will disagree with that. When clueless Democrats like Adam Schiff has the audacity to limit the capability of our armed forces in such a way that can cost lives, such ignorant impunity reflects badly on the entire 28th District in California, who voted him into office.

Schiff has argued that the administration can always return to Congress to advocate and vote for wider authorization, but what good does that do for the people who are being killed, face to face, by ISIS forces? Congress is a fickle assembly of even more clueless politicians which can actually delay necessary issues for years, up to the point when voters have an opportunity to toss out the lame ducks.

The White House has placed itself between a rock and a very hard place. National security officials like Army General Martin Dempsey doesn't want their ability to win a conflict hampered in any way. Obama's political aids, however, are fussing over the fact that an unhindered Authorization for the Use of Military force could cost them the support of Democrats like Adam Schiff. It boggles my mind to think that Obama's political aides are more in charge of running the country than Obama himself.

The United States invests heavily in our armed forces, giving Generals like Martin Dempsey the education, experience and skills required to win conflicts. To take the fight to the enemy int he best way possible. To secure a future without ISIS, and hopefully, to use soldiers in a proper manner. Be it to rescue hostages or to defeat the enemy while staring them in the face, allowing useful idiots such as Adam Schiff to restrict soldiers in military campaigns is a serious danger to our national security. I can only hope that California's 28th District sees that fool for who he really is in the next voting cycle and ousts Schiff with a serious shove.

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