It’s not unusual for many young Clinton supporters to think of the Clinton’s as the ultimate Washington D.C. political power couple or perhaps they may think of Hillary as the Senior Senator from New York, who ran for the presidency and lost.

And they would also naturally assume that the Clinton Foundation’s Corporate Headquarters should also be located in New York City, and perhaps think nothing of the fact that Bill Clinton’s office is in Harlem, or that their residency is in Chappaqua, after all they’re New Yorker’s, right? Wrong!

And perhaps there lies the reasoning behind Senator Jason Rapert’s suggestion to rename Little Rock’s airport and removing the Clinton name.

Although the Clinton’s are originally from Arkansas, few residents under the age of 40 actually realize that they were born in their state. “The level of historical amnesia is unsettling,” said Ron Lanoue the chairman of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, in Arkansas lamenting, “people like her and me, are outsiders.”

Senator Jason Rapert would like to see the name changed, and is considering legislation to do just that by posting on Twitter; “Would you support a bill removing the names of Bill & Hillary Clinton from the Little Rock Airport?”

The tweet also included a poll so that the people could vote on the purposed suggestion, with 67% opposing the removal of the Clinton name.

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