In a stirring address at a National Review gathering in Washington, D.C., Florida senator Marco Rubio called for fixes to the U.S. immigration system, a system he compared to a broken hotel.

Rubio compared immigrants who come to the United States on legal visas, but then don't leave or aren't forced to leave, with someone who checks into a hotel and just stays. Rubio cited a statistic that over 40 percent of persons who are illegally in the United States entered legally on visas.

While Rubio isn't the first person to call out the broken immigration system that plagues America, he is one of the few who is putting forth ways to fix the problem--and that's a novel way to approach the situation for Washington.

Rubio cited several ways that he believed that those immigrants who stayed in the country illegally could gain a path to citizenship. This path would only be available to those who have been in the U.S. for ten years and haven't been convicted of any crimes. Individuals would also have to pass a background check, pay fine for having stayed in the country illegally, begin paying taxes, and start learning to speak English.

Rubio also stood strong against people who put forth a call for justice regarding the rights of illegal immigrants. "There is no right to immigrate illegally anywhere in the world," Rubio said.

While it is nice to see a Republican senator stand up to the constant drivel coming from the left about granting illegal immigrants wholesale rights and citizenship, the fact remains that immigration will take more than a simple declaration of intent to be considered a functioning system.

It seems apparent that give-and-take will be necessary, but will the left and right sides of the issue be willing to compromise? In the end, if illegal immigrants are to be granted legal status, Rubio's checklist of requirements should definitely be considered as part of any immigration reform law.

h/t CNSNews

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